Eurochene sawmill adapts thickness to your market: 22 mm - 07/04/2019



Indeed, further to the demand of the solid oak flooring market, EUROCHENE adds a new thickness to its range : 22 mm thick ABC grade.

Besides, as French Oak grows slowly until reaching  diameters of more than 50 cms, in forests which regenerate naturally without plantation. Thanks to its slow growing, the French oak is not nervous; it is of regular and clear color.

Contrary to the American oak, the kiln drying does not produce distortion (banana). With  selected unedged boards of about 200 to 500 mm wide,  a wide range of widths and lengths are allowed to achieve different jobs.

With a Q S-2 grade, you will obtain a quality "Joinery”. With a choice   QS-3, the wood keeps the uniqueness of the solid wood, we call it "NATURE" quality.