The company EUROCHENE return to work despite the Covid-19 - 05/04/2020



The sawmill EUROCHENE process oak, white beech, ash and other hardwoods.

We can offer the equivalent of ± 300 trucks/containers of kiln dried (mc 10-12%) wood from our stock, by a 48 hours lead time.

With our website, everybody can see the products and the quality gradings.

We offer you a quality service with all the safety precautions imposed by the actual sanitary context.

We have returned to work from April, 1st 2020. All our team is mobilized to ensure your orders. We are grateful to them.

Great Widths for tables in a natural grade - 20/03/2020



Some kiln dried oak sawn timber in QB1b grade are produced in boules or packs, with widths greater than 300 mm.

Already available in stock : thickness 41 mm kiln dried (mc 10-12%).

The planks are appropriate for making tables with waney edged on the sides.

The grades QB1b and QS1b are searchable via the following link :

我们橡木锯木厂提供持久性的Q-S1b橡木板材的库存。我们可提供未烘干板材,用来做弯曲的产品,当然也可以提供良好技术的烘干板材。 - 03/03/2020


Logs of the new season are available - 01/02/2020



EUROCHENE Sawmill begins to saw  logs of 2017, from France.
The oak sawmill produces boules in standard thickness as well as selected boards of large thicknesses or off standard dimensions. Oak boules are fresh sawn, pre-dried or kiln dried.
You will find QS, QBA, QB1, QB2 and QB3 qualities.

EUROCHENE has a stock of 12 000 m3, of oak, but also of beech, ash, cherry, sycamore, linden tree. It can deliver within 48 hours on the national territory.

Oak wood for building are provided by Eurochene - 27/01/2020



Unedged oak boards of 18 mm and 19 mm thick are very appreciated on the overseas markets.

Made from oak round logs certified from French Origin and respectful of the sustainable management PEFC, the oak planks are used for furniture, wooden floors, windows and doors

The oak boards are selected, sorted out according to the ABC grading, kiln dried upon request.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover these new products.


超长像木板材可用于建筑装饰 - 12/12/2019



我们 Eurochêne 锯木厂提供Q-S1A特性的橡木板材 - 07/11/2019


Eurochêne 锯木厂为家具厂、配件厂(门窗等制造商)、高级地板厂等提供质量最好的板材Q-S1A级分为182227354154mm多种厚度的烘干板材,并由我们专业的橡木锯木厂亲自选材,为您提供最好最均质的板材质量!


Oak beams supplied by Eurochene - 12/09/2019


The Oak Sawmill Eurochene produced French oak bespoke beams in big lengths to restore the French heritage.

To restore the Pelote Tower, the city of Besançon called on to a traditional carpenter who knows the ancestral know-how and requested quality beams QP1A, chosen among oak round logs of big diameters and lengths:

Eurochene sawmilling facilities, its quality of service and the importance of its stocks allowed meeting the challenge.

特製橡木方塊 - 01/08/2019





 尺寸分別為 :

  •  客製化的長度裁切;例如: 2.2 公尺
  • 客製化的厚度要求;例如 :230mm

  • 不限寬度;大約100~600mm不等


Looking for Character grade boards, take QB1b grade – character grade - 13/07/2019


Focusing on Oak lumber as a 100% natural product!

Wood is not plastic, by choosing QB1b "character grade", you will feel the genuine character of the Oak; small knots are the final traces of the branches of the Oak tree.

Knots do not alter the solidity of the lumber, the final yield is higher. Unedged and square edged oak QB1b grade of 27 mm, 41 and 54 mm thick are available at short notice.

Please have a look on our website:  and

ABC-quality boards, 22 to 54mm thick, in French Oak and Ash - 15/06/2019

abc-eurochene-franceProducts of ABC-quality exist in boards made in fresh or dry oak boules.

This mix of choice is particularly well adapted to the furniture manufacturers, as it offers many options of use and gives flexibility to fulfill all orders.

Sawing thickness goes from 22 to 54 mm. The use of special sticks during drying makes it possible to easily control stains, facilitating then a good finish of all pieces of furniture.

Think of creation in your gardens and terraces for summer - 10/05/2019



What could be nicer than a meal or sunbathe at spring sunshine!
The sawmill Eurochêne offers decking for terraces, recreation areas, swimming pool borders and gardens. French Oak, Acacia, Chestnut are the naturally durable wood ideal for outdoor use.

Forget the wood treated, bad for health and ecology. Discover TMW strips with a nice cognac or chocolate colour, with our natural process of heating wood. TMW Oak decking has a reinforced durability for outdoor use.

Eurochene sawmill adapts thickness to your market: 22 mm - 07/04/2019



Indeed, further to the demand of the solid oak flooring market, EUROCHENE adds a new thickness to its range : 22 mm thick ABC grade.

Besides, as French Oak grows slowly until reaching  diameters of more than 50 cms, in forests which regenerate naturally without plantation. Thanks to its slow growing, the French oak is not nervous; it is of regular and clear color.

Contrary to the American oak, the kiln drying does not produce distortion (banana). With  selected unedged boards of about 200 to 500 mm wide,  a wide range of widths and lengths are allowed to achieve different jobs.

With a Q S-2 grade, you will obtain a quality "Joinery”. With a choice   QS-3, the wood keeps the uniqueness of the solid wood, we call it "NATURE" quality.

Product innovation – Terrace Decking - 07/03/2019

Terraces oak leaf BMT thermowood

The use of wood for terraces gives a natural effect, so you can get away, even in town. Easy to maintain and naturally durable, it brings comfort and warm colours, from the cognac shades of acacia to the chocolate of TMW strips.

TMW, wood heated to a high temperature, reinforces its assets; it resists over time with no surface treatment.

With french Terrace Decking, you find safe, stable, durable, renewable aun natural real wood.

Walking on water - 31/01/2019

eurochene-oak-beams-for-decks-footbridgesEurochêne, oak sawmills, produces oak beams which can be used to build potoons, footbridges, or promenade decks. The lifespan of oak is very long, even when immersed permanently in water.

The oak beams are cut into square or rectangular sections as required. Because the beams which Eurochêne can supply are very long, they can be anchored securely in the ground thus providing resistance and stability

The flooring , set on beams, can be composed of thick natural oak decking or thermo-modified oak decking. Theses two products are manufactured in France, using French oak.

Oak and Wine, a successful mix - 26/12/2018

frech-oak-barrels-cask-eurocheneAfter a great flowering, the 2013 grape harvest is likely to be good so oak barrels/casks and oak tanks will be needed.


Eurochêne, oak sawmill, produces oak boules with logs from Franche-Comté-Bourgogne.

Oak has a suitible grain and has not been treated. These two points are essential in the making of a quality wine and to respect  French know-how. Eurochêne is the official supplier to wine houses which export worldwide.

Heavy thicknesses boards, dried in vacuum dryer - 13/10/2018



At the beginning of the winter season, Eurochêne sawmill produces heavy thicknesses boards, in French oak. Thanks to its vacuum dryer, oak boules were dried at 12% humidity, for the thicknesses of 50 to 80 mm. Large size beams are pre-dried for several months.


Oak logs well sorted - 27/07/2018



EUROCHENE Sawmill has been fully investing in handling platforms to improve its service.

French Oak logs will be classified in several categories, according to their potential use: Oak boules, Oak panels, Oak boards, Oak beams or Oak sleepers.

The logs are then sawn upon request and dried, strong thicknesses as well.

“To be fully committed to its customers” is EUROCHENE’s hallmark.

Oak strips for high quality terraces - 03/04/2018



Terraces, playgrounds, swimming pools and public gardens require strong products with a sustainable resistance in time. EUROCHENE sawmill offers decking strips in Oak, Acacia and Chestnut. Those are naturally sustainable woods, perfectly adapted to the outside. Without treatment they are health and environment friendly. Decking strips can also be thermally modified (TMW process). EUROCHENE strips have then a nice dark amber or chocolate-brown color: not only don’t you need paint anymore but you also get a harder-wearing material.

Visit our site to discover our products:

Oak beams for your well-being - 20/03/2018



The beam market is growing fast, in the field of houses and buildings construction, cellars as well as interior design.

French oak, without treatment and with a clear and warm natural color offers healthy and comfortable atmospheres of life. EUROCHENE sawmill can supply you with 2 to 14m long beams, and upon request, pre-dry them for a few months or plane them.


Find the data sheet at the following address:

法国橡木和白蜡毛边板材,ABC级,厚度22-54mm - 10/03/2018




With Oak dining rooms become luxurious - 11/01/2018



Boards made by a joiner, in French oak boules or square-edged boules, quality QB1b or in selected boards QS1b, can give esthetics and elegance to any restaurant. Tiny healthy knots from 5 to 40mm give relief to the oak boards and reveal their genuine character. The material is natural wood, without treatment and allows easy cleaning.

For more information please visit our website:

The shore of Saône in Lyon - 12/12/2017


The piers of Saône in Lyon were fitted out with raw and massive decking in Chestnut The chestnut boards were placed on a wooden structure. The width of the wooden pier varies from 2 to 4m; the strips of chestnut are of variable solid lengths. Quays were built 5 years ago; the natural durability of the chestnut leaves the work in perfect condition!

In the heart of the forge, a core of exceptional oak - 16/11/2017



The Taillanderie of Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne (in the Doubs region) is an old edge-tool making factory where were made the sharp tools (forgery, billhooks, etc…) for the farm labor.
An ingenious system of bellows, paddle wheels and gearings activates hammers which crush the metal. To build up the central axis of this system, EUROCHENE Oak Sawmill supplied a core of oak made in a straight 6m long log with a diameter of 1.20m. Its sapwood was removed with a debarking machine.

The French oak: rise in price - 25/10/2017

Oak-eurocheneFrench oak logs remain highly appreciated and have a strong market presence.

Prices are increasing again in September 2017 for the third consecutive year with a total rise of about 60%.

The beautiful color, the quality and the fine grain of the logs selected by EUROCHENE Oak Sawmill have a constantly increasing purchase price.

French sawmills must although fight to keep the transformation of the logs within our country whereas they are widely exported by all market players.

EUROCHENE Oak Sawmill wishes to provide you with kiln dried oak sawn timbers and boules with a top service as always.

橡木地板正在火热流行 - 25/09/2017





橡木材的家具体现法国印象 - 24/08/2017


法国橡木是高档家具的代名词,是法国传统产品的代表。它一直被作为流行家具用材。EUROCHENE锯木厂所提供的橡木源自法国东部Bourgogne-Franche Comté省域地区,它的色泽清晰,它同样适用于现代室内装饰。


欧橡木材有限公司在法国的两家锯木厂为您提供服务 - 11/05/2017


公司位于里昂北部,以加工大直径法国森林产橡木和榉木原木为主。拥有一万五千立方米的橡木库存(500 装箱体积)和六千立方米的梣木和榉木库存(200 集装箱体积)。

公司的风干或烘干木材原料产品销售于世界各地。确认订货后,可在48 小时内发货,以此满足客户的需求。

Ash boules and boards for Roland-Garros and Wimbledon - 21/04/2017



The wooden racket appeared from 1505.It brought comfort and precision to the players of “real” tennis who played prior at naked hands.
Ash is appreciated for its flexibility and lightness. The ash tree with olive heart (brown) is required for its resistance.

The ash sawmill Eurochêne produces ash boules (from 41 to 80 mm thickness) and ash boards (from 18 to 54 mm thickness), to satisfy the various uses, furniture as sports equipment.

BEECH from France, easiness to machine - 31/03/2017


 The beech sawn by EUROCHENE sawmill stands out from competitors.

Our log buyers select forests to supply our customers with white beech easy to machine indeed, our French Beech is harvested in low altitude  coppices with standards,  where special soils are found.

Selected unedged boards of BEECH are available either in A, B as well as quality S (special veneer grade), dried  on anti-stain sticks.

We give priority to the whitish natural colour of BEECH  however a pinkish nuance can be provided too thanks to a light steaming process.


Boules and boards dried carefully - 21/02/2017


EUROCHENE Sawmill brings a particular care to the methods of drying, to satisfy the requirements of its customers, furniture and joinery manufacturers.

The practice of the air drying under shed is a real asset for pre-drying. The use of anti-stain sticks limits ungraceful colorings. Pre-driers ensure a progressive decrease of the humidity.

Kiln driers with variable ventilation allow the desired drying of oak boules, selected oak boards, by 12 % humidity. A very innovative vacuum drier allows handling thick thicknesses from 45 to 80mm. After drying, oak boules and boards are preserved in closed warehouses to keep this humidity percentage stable.